150 Perfect Places for a Beer: The List

In 2010, a magazine was brave enough to publish a list detailing the 150 perfect places to have a beer. It seems unlikely that any one person has been to all of them, which begged the question- who is most qualified to opine about the worthiness of the entries?

Click on the hyperlinked entries for a review and pictures.

1. Great American Beer Festival, Denver, CO
2. Augustiner Keller, Munich, Germany
3. Abbaye de Notre-Dame d’Orval, Orval, Belgium
4. Monk’s Café, Philadelphia, PA
5. Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court, London, England
6. Schlenkerla Heller-Brau Trum, Bamberg, Germany
7. Horse Brass Pub, Portland, OR
8. Kulminator, Antwerp, Belgium -Reviewed; 3.5/10
9. The Hopleaf, Chicago, IL
10. Toronado, San Francisco, CA
11. Zum Uerige, Dusseldorf, Germany -Reviewed; 8.5/10
12. The Market Porter, Stoney Street, London, England -Reviewed; 3/10
13. Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland, OR
14. U Fleku, Prague, Czech Republic -Reviewed; 9/10
15. Andechs Monastery, Andechs, Germany
16. Falling Rock Tap House, Denver, CO -Reviewed; 8.5/10
17. Fruh au Dom, Cologne, Germany -Reviewed; 1.5/10
18. The Bull & Castle, Dublin, Ireland
19. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
20. Brouwer’s Cafe, Seattle, WA
21. Spuyten Duyvil, Brooklyn, NY
22. Brick Store Pub, Decatur, GA
23. Cantillon Brewery and Gueuze Museum, Belgium
24. Brauhaus Sion, Cologne, Germany -Reviewed; 2/10
25. Henry’s 12th Street Tavern, Portland, OR
26. The Gingerman, Austin, TX
27. t’Bruges Biertja, Bruges, Belgium
28. The Brickskeller, Washington, DC -Reviewed; 6/10
29. Bruxellensis Festival of Characterful Beers, Brussels, Belgium -CLOSED
30. The Flying Saucer, NC, SC, TN, MO, AR and TX
31. d.b.a., New York, NY -Reviewed; 2.5/10
32. Kaffe de Hopduvel, Ghent, Belgium -CLOSED
33. The Great Lost Bear, Portland, ME
34. Spatenhaus au der Oper, Munich, Germany
35. Uber Tavern, Seattle, WA
36. The Blue Tusk, Syracuse, NY
37. Brauhaus Spandau, Berlin, Germany
38. The Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, CO -Reviewed; 4.5/10
39. World Beer Festival, Durham/Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Richmond, VA
40. Cadieux Café, Detroit, MI
41. Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY
42. Porterhouse (Temple Bar), Dublin, Ireland
43. Mondial de la Bière, Montreal, Quebec
44. Krčma, Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic
45. Le Bier Circus, Brussels, Belgium
46. Library Ale House, Santa Monica, CA
47. Pizza Port & Port Brewing, Solana Beach, CA
48. Akkurat, Stockholm, Sweden
49. Rogue Brewery, Newport, OR
50. Great Canadian Beer Festival, Vancouver, BC
51. Marine Hotel, Stonehaven, Scotland
52. Clark Street Ale House, Chicago, IL
53. Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern, Monroe, WI
54. Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
55. The Beer Engine, Lakewood, OH
56. Au General Lafayette, Paris, France -Reviewed; 4.5/10
57. Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland, OH
58. Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany
59. Blue Moon Brewing at the SandLot, Coors Field, Denver, CO -Reviewed; 0/10
60. Beer Club Popeye, Tokyo, Japan
61. Volo, Toronto, ON
62. Weihenstephan Brewery, Freising, Germany
63. Selin’s Grove Brewing, Selinsgrove, PA
64. Clark’s Ale House, Syracuse, NY
65. Piece Brewery, Chicago, IL
66. Wilimantic Brewing Co., Wilimantic, CT
67. Great Taste of the Midwest, Madison, WI
68. Brasserie Federal (Hopbahnhof), Zurich, Switzerland Reviewed; 2/10
69. Gritty McDuff’s, Portland, ME
70. Halve Maan Brewery, Bruges, Belgium
71. Sapporo Beer Garden, Higashi-ku, Japan
72. Blind Tiger Ale House, New York, NY -Reviewed; 7/10
73. Brewer’s Art, Baltimore, MD
74. Birreria l’Orso Eletricco, Rome, Italy
75. Pivovarsky Klub, Prague, Czech Republic -Reviewed; 4.5/10
76. Stumbling Monk, Seattle, WA
77. Belgo Central, London, England -Reviewed; 3/10
78. Anchor Brewing Tasting Room, San Francisco, CA
79. Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
80. Arend’s Nest, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 8/10
81. The Gravity Bar, Guinness St. James Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland -Reviewed; 5/10
82. The Australian Hotel, Sydney, Australia
83. Zly Casy, Prague, Czech Republic
84. Cooter Brown’s, New Orleans, LA
85. Delerium Café, Brussels, Belgium -Reviewed; 9.5/10
86. The Olde Mitre Tavern, Ely Court, London, England -Reviewed; 8/10
87. Delilah’s, Chicago, Illinois
88. Deschutes Brewery & Publick House, Bend, OR
89. Mahar’s, Albany, NY
90. Nederlands Biercafe ‘t Arendsnest, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 8/10
91. Dogfish Head Ale House, Rehoboth Beach, DE
92. Sail and Anchor Brewpub, Fremantle, Australia
93. Mecklenburg Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio
94. The Map Room, Chicago, IL
95. The Publick House, Brookline, MA -Reviewed; 2.5
96. Gosenschenke Ohne Bedenken, Leipzig, Germany
97. Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, OR
98. Olympen Mat og Vinhus, Oslo, Norway -Reviewed; 6/10
99. O’Brien’s Pub, San Diego, CA
100. Antares Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
101. Bierproeflokaal In de Wildeman, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 9.5/10
102. beerbistro, Toronto, Canada
103. Charlie’s Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark -Reviewed; 8/10
104. McSorley’s Ale House, New York, NY -Reviewed; 9/10
105. Die Weisse, Salzburg, Austria
106. Irseer Klosterbrauerei, Irsee, Germany
107. Max’s Tap House, Baltimore, MD
108. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel, Portland, OR -Reviewed; 6/10
109. Chez Moeder Lambic, Brussels, Belgium
110. Sunset Grille & Tap, Boston, MA -Reviewed; 8/10
111. McNellie’s Bar, Tulsa, OK
112. PINT Bokbierfestival, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 7.5/10
113. Redbones Restaurant, Somerville, MA -Reviewed; 7/10
114. Sleeping Lady Brewery/Snow Goose Restaurant, Anchorage, AK
115. Russian River Brewing Co., Santa Rosa, CA
116. The Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN
117. Milltown, Carrboro, NC
118. Zythos Bier Festival, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
119. The Thirsty Monk, Asheville, NC
120. Goose Island Brewing, Chicago, IL
121. Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA
122. Moan and Dove, Amherst, MA
123. Neuzeller Kloster Brau, Neuzelle, Germany
124. Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield, England -Reviewed; 8.5/10
125. Taco Mac, GA & TN
126. American Flatbread Burlington Hearth, Burlington, VT
127. The White Horse Pub, Parsons Green, London, England -Reviewed; 6.5/10
128. Tinkoff, Moscow, Russia
129. 5 Seasons Brewing, Atlanta, GA
130. The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA
131. The Alibi Room, Vancouver, BC
132. Gösser Bierklinik, Vienna, Austria -Reviewed; 2/10
133. Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
134. The Bell, Aldworth, Berkshire, England -Reviewed; 8.75
135. Brouwerij ‘t Ij, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 8.5/10
136. TY Harbor Brewery, Tokyo, Japan
137. The Heart & Thistle, Halifax, Nova Scotia -CLOSED
138. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, London, England -Reviewed; 9/10
139. The Sugar Maple, Milwaukee, WI
140. Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery & Scottish Ale House, Cape Town, South Africa
141. Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery, Key West, FL
142. Cole’s, Buffalo, NY
143. Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam, Holland -Reviewed; 0.5/10
144. The Dubliner, Washington, DC -Reviewed; 4/10
145. Matt Brewery Tasting Room, Utica, NY
146. The Shakespeare, Aukland, New Zealand
147. Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai, China
148. Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, DC -Reviewed; 3.5/10
149. Bar 35, Honolulu, Hawaii
150. Mr. Sancho’s Beach, Cozumel, Mexico

Please add your opinions and recommendations below.

21 thoughts on “150 Perfect Places for a Beer: The List

  1. It’s been a while since I had a beer there but #146 is a well established bar in town. However it’s by no means the most perfect, and there are at least two ‘better’ places I’d take you to first, Galbraiths Ale House, Mt.Eden, and a newcomer ‘Hallertau In Coatesville.’ it is though an intriguing list. I’m pretty sure I drank at some of those London venues too like #127, but it was a long time and many beers ago. 🙂

    • Great tips- thanks! I was surprised there is only one entry from NZ. There are already a few I would cull from the list, so there may be room. I really like the look of Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant, being out in the sticks as it is.

  2. I think I need to start the list on my blog!! I think beer advocate may be a better locator of great places to have a beer – that list seems pretty USA dominated.

  3. Both San Francisco entries are solid choices. Anchor is by reservation only, and they do not have all the beers they brew on tap at the tasting room (instead there are several more at the tasting room at the Yard outside of ATT Ballpark), but is a very cool place.

    Toronado has legendary beer selection.

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